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Career Services

Early Workforce Resumes
The creation of your first real resume as a recent graduate or young achiever with less than 2 years in the workforce will be designed with personal coaching and description to grab attention from hiring managers. Your fundamental experiences will be presented with flair to solidify a key entry level position to jump-start your career.  Starting at $275.

Technical Resumes
Your professional experience, which requires technical education and training, will be expressed in great detail, including the results and accomplishments of your work. Your input is essential as we capture the specialized impact you have made. This approach undoubtedly sets you apart from others in your field. Starting at $450.

Professional Resumes
Your qualifications and signature strengths will pop off the page with distinction.  A 90 minute one-on-one meeting, included in this service, enables us to build your resume that uniquely tells your story. Highlights of your  key contributions are discovered so you impress both recruiters and employers to land the job you deserve. Starting at $375.

Executive Resumes / Curriculum Vitaes
As a Senior Level Executive, you receive in depth meeting and service time required to showcase your distinguished career.  Your experience is extensive, so it is critical to include details of achievement, affiliations, recognition, licensure, presentations, and an all important summary section which will motivate the recruiter to seek you out for further conversation. Starting at $650.

Cover Letters
Many job postings require cover letters to accompany resumes, so of course, you want a cover letter that quickly engages the reader.  Cover letters are designed to spark interest with enthusiasm, highlighting your core competencies that match the position.  Ask for a package that includes both resume and cover letter for best pricing.  A la carte cover letters are available. 

LinkedIn Profiles

Presenting your skills through business networking sites gets results as job opportunities are often posted that are worth pursuing.  Create or update your LinkedIn Profile to gain exposure in your job search. Starting at $125. 

Interview Coaching
Interview Role Play

We will practice best approaches to verbalize your strengths and identify a personal branding message that positions you as a standout candidate.  Using proven interviewing techniques, you will be prepared to handle some of the toughest situations and questions with confidence.  
Starting at $140 with resume packages.

Consultation and career services are also available when you prefer to 'do it yourself' to improve your 
existing resume format, cover letter, or just need guidance.  Phone consultations related to how to write a resume, strategy, formatting, or verbalization will enhance your success to quickly grab attention of hiring managers.  Starting at $120.

About our meetings:

Our scheduled meetings will be in person or by phone conference.  Your personal preference, your schedule, and your location will dictate our meeting format. Many clients like the phone conferencing aspect for convenience and time effectiveness. Others like in-person meetings. With professional resume builder services, we will engage in extensive conversation about your experiences, and you will receive a draft resume prior to final completion.  I will send you final documents in word, pdf, and text.  For interview role play, we will practice some mock interviews which is extremely valuable to prepare you for real interview situations.  We will set up video conferencing when distance is a factor.  All of our meetings will be highly productive.  We will make the most of our time together to accomplish your goals so that you achieve further advancement in your career!  
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       My services include:

  • Resume / CV writing                  
  • Interview skill development
  • Interview role play
  • Career coaching
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Bios
  • Job search and application coaching
  • Cover letters
  • Dress for success coaching
  • Group presentations




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  1. As a candidate, your position is to promote your skills, talent and experience as a solution to the hiring manager or company, regardless of the effectiveness of the interviewer.  Confidence is key, demonstrated by eye contact, firm handshakes, proper dress, sincerity and optimism.
  2. A common misconception is that you are to react and answer only when asked questions during the interview.  Actually, your role should be ‘active’ in the discussion.  The best candidates are usually proactive in discussions, highly prepared, and engaged in a conversational approach during the interview.
  3. Have an understanding of the position in which you are interviewing.  If you don’t fully understand the responsibilities, ask some questions upfront so you can better match your skill sets to that position.
  4. You should be prepared, in advance, for potential questions you may be asked.
  5. There are two primary types of interview questions:  Traditional Interview Questions and/or Situational Interview Questions.  Some interviewers will use primarily one type, while others will use a combination.  You should be prepared for both.

Traditional interview examples:  Tell me about yourself?   What are your weaknesses?
Situational interview examples:  Tell me a time when you lead a team of people to accomplish an important project.  Tell me a time       when a weakness interfered with you achieving your goal?

                                                                                       Situational interview questions should be answered in a STAR format

                          SITUATION, TASK, ACTION, RESULT

SITUATION:  Describe the situation or specific experience you have had by giving great detail about the event.  Paint a picture verbally so the interviewer can envision it. The situation can be from a previous job, from a volunteer experience, or any relevant event that you specifically were involved.

TASK:  Define the goal or task that you were working to accomplish.

ACTION:  Describe the actions you took to accomplish the task with detail about each step that YOU completed.  What specific actions did YOU take and what was YOUR particular contribution? The interviewer is interested in what YOUR role was in the situation.  In the interview, don’t describe what the team or group did when talking about a project, but what YOU actually did. Use the word “I,” rather than “we” when describing actions.

RESULT:  Always conclude with the outcome or results of your actions.  End your answer with a positive result, and don’t be shy about taking credit for your behavior.  What did you accomplish or what did you learn?  Concluding with a positive outcome will set you apart and you will truly be a STAR for the position in which you are interviewing.

6)       6.  Regardless of the type of interview questions, this technique in answering questions is highly effective to position yourself as the standout candidate.  Answer questions focused on the ‘tasks’ that you have performed and the ‘accomplishments’ of your work.  Answer questions with a POSITIVE ending, even if the outcome was that you learned something.  If the outcome is less than desirable, be brief.

7)       7.  Be well read on the company in which you are interviewing.  Visit their website.  Know about their products, and uncover information about key leaders within the organization and the people interviewing you, if possible.

8)       8.  Show interest in the interviewer(s) and establish rapport in the time frame you are given.  Ask for their business card(s) and gain an understanding of their role within the company. 

9)       9.  Take notes, have questions prepared in advance, and avoid asking about salary on the first interview.  If asked what your salary requirements are, respond with a question such as “What is the salary range for this position?”  Avoid naming a specific dollar amount if possible.  Instead, at least early in the interview process, suggest that a fair compensation for your qualifications is what you are seeking.

10)10.  Be prepared to summarize your qualifications and compatibility for the position.  Clearly communicate your desire for the position and ask regarding next steps.  Smile, demonstrate appreciation, and send a follow up note within 24 hours of the interview.